Celebrating 50 years since establishment of TECHNIK ENSEMBLE  in 2003 a spontaneous wish of former members to sing again after years (list of members) has appeared.

The project EUROCAROLS/ the Carols of EU Countries/ -  was based on an idea to bring closer the cultural heritage to its members. The goal was to prepare one Christmas carol from each country of EU in a local language, accommodated for mixed choir and musical interpretation - the carols from England, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Nederland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Poland, Czech republic, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Malta and Slovakia. It is intended, of course, to complete The Project with a carols from a new coming member countries of EU in t. Remake of carols was performed by Mr. Pavol Prochazka, conductor of the choir. Thanks to embassies of individual EU countries we have got enough sheets of music and we do appreciate their help with an correct interpretation.

The concert within the Project has been divided to there parts - the first part of the concert included EUROCAROLS performed in a local languages of EU countries, the second part involved the most popular Slovakian carols created by František Prášil for mixed choir and the carols made by Pavol Prochazka for choir and organ. The third part of the concert presented the work of Mr. Prochazka - Pastorale, which is the sacral composition for mixed choir, tenor, string orchestra, flute and organ. The carols generally communicate a message for a  public, young people and all the listeners without reference to their age. They present an European cultural heritage and perform an immense value for the future generations.

The project EUROCAROLS - The Carols of EU Countries is an unique project, which has brought such music  for the whole Europe and the choir TECHNIK AKADEMIK is the first ensemble, who has ever presented such work in a complete and lovely execution. TECHNIK AKADEMIk with its achievements on domestic and abroad  fields  has become a legend of  choir singing at all.

2004 – Klarisky, concert tour in Bratislava, Trnava and Nitra with a famous repertoir under the name "Technik after 20 years". The concerts were recorded and CD and DVD were issued by the former member of choir Technik

2006 – Concert in Prague

2006 -  CHRISTMAS FOR UNICEF - Carols and Pastorále, Bratislava, St. Martin Cathedral

2006 – Concert Tour, Bratislava, Topoľčany, Liptovský Mikuláš, Banská Bystrica, Zabrze, Brno, Budapest

2007 – Live concert for radio Devin

2007 – Ecce lignum Crucis, Stabat Mater, Bratislava, Trnava, Nitra, Easter music with Trnava Chamber Orchestra

2007 -Visegrad carols, Bratislava  Official Closing Ceremony of the Festival and farewell
* Awarding Ceremony for all participant Choirs and Soloists
* A performance by the Best Hellenic Choir 2007
* A performance by the Best Soloist – First Prize of the Festival 2007 [one work]
* All Ladies Soloists are performing in a joint concert the work «Panis Angelicus” by Cesar Franc [for three voices and solo soprano]
* Announcement of the result for the Best Choir of the Festival [GRAND PRIX of the City of Athens – The Choir of the World].
* A performance by the Best Choir of the Festival [GRAND PRIX of the City of Athens – The Choir of the World]
* The male Choirs of the Festival are closing the 11th Issue of the Festival with a joint performance of the works: «Die Nacht» by Franz Schubert and Coro Indroduzione “Eviva, beviam” from the opera «Ernani» by Giuseppe Verdi. všetko v Theatre of the American College, Atény, Grécko

2007 – 11th Athens International Choir and Lyric Soloist Festival, Athens , Greece ( choir became a laureate in folklore group)

2007 – Visegrad carols in Bratislava and Trnava

2007 - "EUROCAROLS" and "VISEGRAD CAROLS" koncert pozostáva z vystúpenia miešaných speváckych zborov z krajín Višegrádskej štvorky, VOX IUVENALIS z Čiech, CANTABILE KÓRUS z Maďarska, RESONANS CON TUTTI z Poľska, TECHNIK AKADEMIK zo Slovenska, ktoré samostatne zaspievali najkrajšie Vianočné koledy svojej krajiny a spoločne záverečnú skladbu MAGNIFIKAT. Záštitu nad koncertami prevzal premiér Slovenskej vlády Róbert Fico a eurokomisár za Slovenskú republiku Ján Figeľ.

2008 - Concert in Bratislava, Slovak radio Music Hall- Eurocarols

         - Concert in Trnava Theatre

         - Concert in Nitra, Eurocarols

         - Concert in Komarno

         - Concert in Bratislava       

2009 - Christmas Concert, Čadca (Magnificat, Pastorále, Eurocarrols together with chamaber orchestra  KYSUCA and choir KYSUCA)

         - Christmas Concert, Nitra  (Magnificat, Pastorále, Eurocarolls together with chamaber orchestra  Comorra and choir KYSUCA)

         - Christmas Concert, Nitra  (Magnificat, Pastorále, Eurocarolls together with chamaber orchestra  KYSUCA and choir KYSUCA)

         - Concert in Topoľčany on the occasion of Mr. Prochazka´s  jubilee

         - Concert in Trnava on the occasion of choir Cantica Nova jubilee

         - 5th anniversary of establishment of Choir Technik akademik - jubilee concert

         - Christmas Concert in Banská Bystrica (Magnificat, Pastorále, Eurocarols together with chamber orchestra  KYSUCA and choir KYSUCA)

         - Concert of Mr. Prochazka works Stabat Mater and Magnificat


HISTORY of  TECHNIK, parent of TECHNIK AKADEMIK ( www.technik.stuba.sk )

The history of TECHNIK, unbelievably reaching last century, is reach for the personalities as leaders as well as members active in the choir for over 50 years.

1953 - establishment of TECHNIK ensemble at Slovak technical University in Bratislava, Slovakia. Afterwards creation of three independent art bodies - folklore group, mixed choir and chamber orchestra

1956 - establishment of mixed choir Technik with its leader and conductor Mr. Vladimír Slujka. In a short time the choir established oneself as an extraordinary body with almost 80 members who has participate on every important cantorial event in the country. At the beginning the  choir repertoire was based on folklore songs, which are still a very important part of choir portfolio at present.

The leaders of Technik after Mr. Slujka: Pavol Procházka,Margita Gergeľová-Paulsson, Naďa Raková, Jan Rozehnal, Kristián Seidmann, Mirka Bučeková-Matisová, Branislav Kostka

Led by all their conductors the choir improved their performance quality and the repertoire was completed with another more challenging polyphonic compositions, sacral music, folklore songs, well known jazz arrangements, the works of present composers as well as the songs of real socialism.

1957 - Slovak festival  ĽUT in Stary Smokovec , High Tatras  (1. place)

1957 - Concert tour in Romania and Hungary

1959 - Choir festival in Brno, Czech republic, the choir won in competition with well known and high quality level choirs (1. place)

1960 - Choir festival in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia ,

1961 - Choir festival in Brno, Czech Republic, (1. place)

1961 - Choir festival in Prague, Czech Republic  (1. place)

1961 - Choir Tour in Sweeden

1962 - Choir festival in Bratislava, Slovak Republic,  (1. place)

1962 - Choir Tour in United Kingdom

1964 - Choir Tour abroad

1965 - Choir festival "Zlatý veniec mesta Bratislavy", (2. place)

1966 - Choir festival and competition in Nitra, Slovak Republic, (1. place)

1966 - Choir festival "Zlatý veniec mesta Bratislavy", (2. place)

1967 - Choir competition "Strieborná lýra, (1. place)

1967 - Choir festival "Zlatý veniec mesta Bratislavy", (1. place) - Absolute Winner

1967 - Choir competition in Banska Bystrica, (1. place)

1969 - Choir festival "Zlatý veniec mesta Bratislavy", (1. place) - Absolute Winner

1969 - Choir competition in Nitra, (1. place)

1969 - Concorso Internationale di Canto Corale in Gorizia, Italy, ( 3. place in polyphonic,  polyfónii, 1. place in folklore, the choir awarded as the most successful academic choir,

1970 - Choir festival "Zlatý veniec mesta Bratislavy", (1. place) - Absolute Winner

1970 - Choir competition in Nitra, (1. place)

1970 - Concorso Internationale di Canto Corale in Gorizia, Italy, (2. place/mixed choir, 2 place/folklore - women's group)

1971 - International Musical Eisteddford, Llangollen, Walles, (1. place)

1973 - International Choral and Folk Dance Festival, Cork, Ireland, (1. place) 

1975 - SInternational Chorbewerb, Spittal, Austria, (1. place)

1975 – Choir Festival, Pardubice, Czech Republic

1975 – Choir festival "Zlatý veniec mesta Bratislavy", Slovak Republic

1977 – Choir Festival in Trenčianske Teplice, Slovak Republic

1977 -  Choir Festival, Martin, Slovak Republic

1978 –XXVI. Concorso polifonico internazionale „Guido d Arezzo“,  Italy, (1. place)

1979 – Bezovec, North Bohemia, Pražské jaro

1979 - Europa Cantat, Luzern

1979 – Bern, Switzerland - recording for Radio Bern

1979 – XII. Choir festival, Bratislava, Slovak republic

1980 – Choir festival and competition "Bartók Béla Nemzetkősi Kórusversény", Debrecen, Hungary (3. place)

1980 – Europese Beker voor Gemende Koren, Knokke-Heist, Belgium(1. place)

1980 - Kováčovo, Czech Republic

1981 – Choir Tour, Belgium , Czech Republic

1982 – BANK van ROESELARE EN WEST VLAANDEREN, CONCERT van SLOVAAKSE en Tsjechishe Koormuziek, Koor van der Technishe Hogeschool van Bratislava onder leiding van Pavol Prochazka, Knokke Heist,  Belgium

1982 – Festival " Pražské jaro", Czech Republic

1982 - International choir festival "IFAS '82, VII. Mezinárodní festival akademických sborů ", Pardubice, Czech Republic

1982 - Recontres Internationales de Chant Choral de Tours, France  (1. place)

1983 – 30th Aniversary of Technik

1983 – International de Música de Contanigrós, Spain

1983 -  Choir Tour, Tallin, Estonia

1984 – Jyväskylän Talvi Jyväskylä, Turku Finland

1986 – Rassegna Internazionale Universitania di Polifonia, Roma, Italy 

1988 - International de Música de Contanigrós, Spain - Festival

1993 - Spittal and der Drau - 1. place after a short and intensive activity of Mr. Jan Rozehnal

2003 –Istropolis Bratislava, anniversary concert


Members of the choir are people who encounter spontaneously  based on the bearing on the choir singing,  with the goal to perform the classic music works in public and represent our country and culture abroad. The goal is to continuously develop the choir singing in Slovakia. Thanks to its high interpretation level the choir struggles to achieve the best results and the favour of their fans.

Discipline and exacting work brings a lot of awards, well known name of foremost non -professional body. Great contribution was achieved by an short activity of the conductor Mr. Jan Rozehnal, who brought the choir to the triumph in Spittal an der Drau , where the choir became the winner of the prestigious word competition in 1993. 
The present repertory build conductors Juraj Jartim and Branislav Kostka.