See the photos from our late history (since 2003) - drills, concerts and events. We are sorry but some of the photos  are not published in a full version because of capacity of the server and copyright and related law. Mainly the members as are Ľuboš Ferov, Peter Purdeš, Maroš Brejka, Zdenka Gereková, Dano Valentovič, Alica Valentovičová,  Nina, Dodo, Gabika, Peter, Mariška contributed with their archive photos.

50th anniversary of TECHNIK Ensemble Establishment /Bratislava, Istropolis/ Bratislava - 2003 Anniversary concert in Slovak Radio Music Hall  Bratislava - 2003 See the atmosphere during the concert in Klarisky Church, Bratislava Bratislava - 2004

These are the moments after concert in Nitra, SlovakiaNitra - 2004 Concert in Trnava, Slovakia. Trnava - 2004 Drills, practises, concentrating trainings... Modra - 2005

Photos from concert and record from Modranka, Modranka - 2005 Look through the history of TECHNIK, 1972 - 2005 Training in ModraModra - 2006
Prague Cantat Competition and concert in Prague. We started to enyoy to win again, after years - 1. place in folklore category  Prague - 2006. Hardly any of conductores guess what the members are making during the practices. See some of an interesting works from a private archive of Kulka, 1974, private archive Christmas Tour throughout the Visegrad countries - V4, Project Euro-Carols,  V4 - 2006
Introducing of CD + DVD Easter Music in 2007, CD + DVD - 2007 See the mini-gallery of  Bacchus restaurant  meeting. The members are singing and drinking a perfect vine without any consequences. Costumes of our grand mothers  are still alive and they significantly inspired the dramaturgy and repertory of the choir. 
Competitive festival in Athenas, where we were awarded as the best choir, Athenas - 2007 EURO-CAROLS  project enjoys a special attention in Nitra. Find the details on the project on our web site. Concert Tour throughout Slovakia which has finished in  Slovak Radio Music Hall.

Pavol Procházka celebrated his jubilee by an unique concert and banquet in Slovak Radio Music Hall, 5th June 2009 The driving power has mainly the conductor - some of the pictures you can find in Gold Book of Pavol Prochazka, Pictures